Paul Pagliari

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Paul Dinno Pagliari took his last breath and closed his eyes eternally on Saturday, July 25, 2020 in Kansas City, Kansas.
His funeral service will be live streamed via Facebook Live on Kansas City Funeral Directors page starting at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Paul was the first born of four children in Fresno, Califorina on July 14, 1958 to Joseph Pagliari and Merlinda Montoya. He spent part of his childhood in Fresno where he had many adventures with his 3 siblings Teresa, Patricia, and Richard that he loved very much. His family then relocated to Santa Monica,CA where he spent most of his teenage years helping out his parents run their family owned buisness, surfing the beaches of southern California, and riding his motorcycle through the street of Venice and Santa Monica.

As an adult he then became a husband to Felipa Gurrola and a father to five children Oscar, Jessica, Erica, Francesca, and Monica. After starting his own family he conituned throughout the years helping his parents run their business but he knew he wanted more. He started researching programs to become a Truck driver that's when he came across Camino Real Diving School. Paul was proud that he found the school and began to work towards his dream. Once he completed the program he was honored at the "Portraits of Success" Banquet sponsored by the state of California in Sacramento as a story of success. Throughout the rest of his life he continued his dream as a truck driver and was able to provide for his family.

If you knew or ever got to meet Paul you know what an infectious soul he was and how his presence lit up any room he walked in. Paul was any personality you needed him to be, he was your shoulder to cry on, he was carefree, charismatic, loving, caring and of all things he was the most funniest goofball you can ever meet. We can go on writing so many more things to say about the extraordinary paerson he was and the amazing things he did for his family, their was no limits to what he would do for his family and everyone he knew. The things Paul loved to do the most was BBQ while listening to some good old tunes of Rock N Roll, dancing with his wife, and surrounded by his family. There was never a dull moment in the presence of Paul Pagliari.

Paul will truly be missed by his loving wife, children, siblings, mother, nieces, nephews, daughter in law (Susana), son in law's (Benigno, Thomas, Javier, David), and his eleven grand babies as he would call them ( Jennifer, Jaqueline, Marissa, Beny, Hayleyauna, Andrew, Hannah, Omar, Chloe, Paul, and Damian).