Marcus Paul Hare

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Marcus Paul Hare, 47, unexpectedly passed away in Kansas City, Kansas on Tuesday, July 30th, 2019. He was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina to Carolyn Brantley and Kenneth Edward Hare, Jr. on April 30th, 1972. In 1979, the family relocated to the Leavenworth / Lansing area where Marc graduated from Leavenworth High School in 1992. From this time until his death, he maintained a supportive relationship with Kristy Sloan, mother of his only child, Allison Kate Hare, born in 2001.

Marc enjoyed the Leavenworth community and had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the country, courtesy of a career in flooring and tile installation where he became the founder and independent contractor of M.P. Flooring and Carpeting Installation.

Marc was passionate about music and began playing acoustic guitar at the age of 14. His biggest influences were The Beatles, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana, along with other grunge bands of the 90s. He shared his love of music with family and friends through the formation of a band, Scarlet Letter. Band mates included Ryan Rothmeyer (drums); Tommy Savoy (lead singer and guitar); and the late Jay Hodges (bass). Marc played guitar and served as a vocalist. Friends fondly recall his acoustic version of “Blackbird,” and it cannot be overstated that his love and passion for music endured and sustained his soul, almost as much as wins by his favorite team, the Detroit Redwings.

In addition to his love of music and ice hockey, Marc was noted for his irreverent and sarcastic sense of humor. He would leave family and friends doubled over in laughter, always able to find joy in even the smallest of life’s details. He enjoyed cooking and was a master of the grill, often passing along unique recipes with others for his signature steaks and fried chicken. His daughter, Allison Kate, was his greatest pride and he was certain to mention how she obtained her CNA license, alongside her high school diploma. He was immensely proud to be her dad.

Marc is survived by: his only beloved daughter, Allison Kate, 17, Leavenworth, Kansas; Allison Kate’s mother, Kristy Sloan, 42, Leavenworth, Kansas; mother, Carolyn Brantley Hare, 71, Leavenworth, Kansas; father, Kenneth Edward Hare, Jr., 72, Kinston, North Carolina; sister, Melanie Hare, 50, Lawrence, Kansas; nephew, Keith Hare, 33, Lawrence, Kansas; nephew, Jeremy Hozian, 23, Topeka, Kansas; and great-nephew, Kurtis Avery Hare, 4, Lawrence, Kansas.

A celebration of life will be held Sunday, August 11th from 3-6 pm at the Lansing Community Center, 800 1st Terrace, Lansing, KS 66043. Donations to support Marc’s daughter, Allison Kate Hare, as she begins college and works to cover funeral expenses can be made at the service.