Nhia Tong Thao

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Nhia Tong Thao
Born July 24, 1942
Passed June 17, 2020

Nhia Tong was born in Xiengkhoung, Laos, to Xeng Chang Thao and Xai Her. The 2nd oldest of 9 children, Nhia Tong was always helping his parents make a living, farming. He has always been an industrious, creative person, farming, basket weaving and always very handy. He has always been involved in community events as well as leading within the Hmong community helping and advising with weddings, funerals and was willing to teach everyone interested in learning our culture.
In Laos, Nhia Tong also served in the Special Guerilla Unit (SGU), fighting the communist Vietnam alongside the American troops. Coming to America in 1979, he brought his small family, including his mother, and settled in Houston, TX for only a month before moving to Kansas City, Kansas, where he has resided since.
Nhia Tong was preceded in death by Youa Her in 2018(married in 1960 and had 5 children). Their 2nd oldest child, Choua, passed away when she was only 4, and are survived by 2 sons: Num Yeeb and Teeb, 2 daughters: Shoua and Jamie, and 13 grandchildren.
Nhia Tong is also survived by his youngest brother: Ntxhi Pov, 4 sisters: Pang, Zoua, Yer, Mee and many nieces and nephews. And through his 2nd wife, he is also survived by step children as well as many step grandchildren.
Dad will always be remembered as a kind, loving, generous father, grandfather, uncle, husband and brother to all of us. He is missed every single day.