Carlos Tovar Gonzales "El Guachy"

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Carlos Tovar Gonzales "El Guachy", 50, born in Durango Mexico, passed away Saturday, September 12th 2020. He was a father to 7 children; grandfather to 4 grandchildren; and had lots of friends that loved him. He was a construction worker for as long as anyone could remember. But he always had stories to tell about all the different jobs he used to have: he used to work as a clown and a cook. He was a very good cook, Even though he was very sick during his last days he tried to stay strong; and worked till his last day. Our father was not perfect he made mistakes like everyone else. To me he was eternal. I always thought that my father was going to be there for all eternity and knowing that he is not here any more with us it breaks my heart because I know he made mistakes and I was not able to get close. Even though he is gone I still can not believe it. I know wherever he is he is in a better place now. He is in no more pain and has no more suffering. I hope he is at peace wherever he is. He was a person that also had good qualities he helped people when he could knowing he would not get nothing in return.

Thank you to those who helped with the funeral and to those who came to say their last goodbyes to him it was a hard time but thank you thank you for being with us through all this and thank you to Leah from Kansas City Funeral Director, for all your help god bless every one of you.

A Private funeral service was held at Kansas City Funeral Directors on September 17, 2020. Burial will be in Durango, Mexico.

We will miss you dad where ever you are rest in peace.